this is all about to swap p10 ecu(like b13, n14 etc..) into euro p11.

P11SE: (my stock ecu)

i also have this bin from this ecu. i dont remember how i downloaded it. and its 64kb: eu_p11_SE64.bin
has maf part 22680-2J200-

P11GT: this one i ve been driving for 3000kilometers and its needed to meet nissan service with CONSULTII machine to recode NATS. of course there is no rewire needed

has maf part 22680-2J200-

Almera N15GTi: (semtex's car) very nice pics


this connector came to me with the black sticker ecu. its scanned:d

the red ecu - eu_p10_primera_gt bin 32kb -downloaded by calumsult - default sttings
the black ecu - eu_p10_primera_gt bin 64kb - downloaded by calumsult - choosed odbII large and then press the "reset valus to rom type" button

Sunny N14GTi: (jagy'car)

pinout schemas:
b13/n14 vs euro p11 its by me and its the UK pdf vs b13/n14FSM. Some pins arent noticed there
scanned from euro p11 fsm (UK)
from euro p11 fsm - german language (scanned by me:)
from euro p10 fsm - german language (scanned by me:)

>> p11 :
>> schema only here you can see pin5
>> schema here is described pin 28, but my p11 doesnt have it
>> p10 schema :
>> schema
>> schema same like the one above, but there is also p10nats(25 and 26) and pin36

this is which wires exist on the harrness connectors. p11 is my car, and p10 is the connector with cutted wires that i got with black ecu.

and this is what i finally did with the harrness:

moved106>104 fuel pump
del 114 evap canister
del 111 o2 heater
del 33 eletrical load signal
del 26 nats
del 5 its prolly fuel consuption meter
del 45 its prolly for iacv monitoring
swap 22(31) crank angle sensor
swap 30(40) crank angle sensor
swap 31(22) crank angle sensor
swap 40(30) crank angle sensor
and no pin 10. the black p10 ecu had wire there(i got the connector with cutted harrness), but i ignored it too. Both fans are working on my vehicle now with both red and black ecu.

p10 FSM sais there is nats on 25 and 26, but my two p10 ecus clearly dont have it. The black ecu with connector doesnt have wires on 25 and 26. both red and black ecus are running fine without 25 and 26.

so good good, my euro p11 is running nice with p10 ecu. I have stock p11 maf which is diff from p10 maf. I am compensating this by emanage for now. i am wating for calum b13 type daughterborad:)

thanks much to Calum from USA sr20 community for helping with this